22 July 2016


It seems like I blinked and it was Midsummer. Suddenly, the urge to do all the things we want to do fills us like school kids checking off bucket lists, the required reading punctuated by trailblazing. Except when you're an adult, there's not exactly a deadline signaling the close to your summer days except the sun itself. And I am reminded to appreciate all that we have done, are doing and what is here.

I've cooked a lot this summer (but I still have not found sour cherries!) I'm kicking myself for the day in June I walked past them in Union Square, remembered I had a bushel of Bings at home already, and said I'd get them another day. I've yet to find them again. There's a lot of literature out there now spouting, "if you make one pie, make this one" (usually sour cherry) but I say the best things you make are the things that happen.  I thought I'd highlight some of the things on repeat lately around here in this post. Enjoy.

Rose's fresh blueberry pie, posted here almost two years ago. Blueberries, as opposed to sour cherries, are unlimited now (at least the ones coming from south Jerz). I love Rose and love her pies. Crust is up to you. I tend to change it up but often use her cream cheese dough.

Melissa Clark's chicken + potato + leek in spicy sauce. On repeat. I use Sriracha.

Tomatoes are here and cucumbers their partner. Often I find myself lazy and uninspired to toss lettuce salad after lettuce salad. It's no wonder chefs begin to plate salads based on one or two vegetables. Chopped Israeli Salads forever. Feta + mint + olives too.

And Melissa Clark's (again) ice cream. Holy moly. Not only is it machine-less, but not at all the work I was expecting for home ice cream. Technically frozen custard, it is ice cream to me! I now infuse the cream with mint and add chocolate chunks. Because mint and ice cream were made for each other.

These raspberry oatmeal scones from Joy The Baker's book.  Amazing combination of fluffy, hearty/oaty/healthy feeling, and buttery scone-dom. 

Have a wonderful rest of the summer, everyone. Catch some rays. And catch you soon. 

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