24 February 2016

Bit by bit

I haven't much mentioned our wedding around here, except for the trip we took afterwards, because, I don't know, I think less is more.  But the other day we celebrated six months with the knot tied, and by celebrate I don't mean anything shmancy...that wouldn't have felt right. Being there, in all senses of the phrase, has always been more tantamount to our relationship than artifice or grand gestures.

16 February 2016

To prolong the time

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We spent our Valentine's weekend surrounded by blankets, the space heater, delicious food, and lots of time. It was hopefully the first and last Vortex of the metro area followed by blanket of snow. If I had any other plans, they were quickly forfeited for the neccesity to nest. As soon as it all passed, I found myself thinking of Spring and the colors it brings. Greens and yellows. So I turned to my newfound affinity for the lightly vegetal matcha. One bite of these matcha sables, taken this afternoon on our windowsill, and I knew it'd be the one I'd share with you here. Sliced by the centimeter, they offer a nice thick crunch that isn't so much snappy as tender, and the lightly grassy dough, cut with confectioner's sugar for softness and ground almonds for warmth, is just perfect. Not to mention the color : )

07 February 2016

Make-Ahead Pumpkin Muffins

It goes without question that I prefer not to operate machinery or measure ingredients pre-coffee. I like to wake up to something there. Maybe if my kitchen were bigger, I'd feel that common pajama-wearing, batter-making, buttermilk-spilling on flannel urge on Sundays, but I want mornings to get going even on the weekends without sacrificing homemade baked goods. Therefore, I have learned, I'm a make-ahead batter kinda girl. We've discussed this over scones. And you should be too, because you can be. This pumpkin muffin recipe, barely adapted from Thomas Keller is an absolute winner. Not too sweet, perfectly pumpkin-y, and ready to go when you wake up. I'm starting to work through the pumpkin puree I made and froze in the Fall from a giant Long Island cheese pumpkin I was given (money in the bank!) and knew I'd need to tell you about these.