24 February 2016

Bit by bit

I haven't much mentioned our wedding around here, except for the trip we took afterwards, because, I don't know, I think less is more.  But the other day we celebrated six months with the knot tied, and by celebrate I don't mean anything shmancy...that wouldn't have felt right. Being there, in all senses of the phrase, has always been more tantamount to our relationship than artifice or grand gestures.

I decided we'd have some of our wedding cake, and in a late afternoon moment, so we did, with a free take-out coffee from our downstairs shop punchcard (doesn't it feel nice when the free 10th one actually falls on a special day?) And it was just as good as the late summer day it was had. Also: I am highly anxious about keeping anything in my freezer for so long. Our top cake tier, I realized, was a pretty decent size and given to us entirely. There's no way we'd eat the whole thing on one day a year later. Bit by bit. A new tradition. 

Our cake was really good. My advice for the engaged? In your taste test, go for the LEAST SWEET one. They are all going to be pretty sweet--filling-wise. You want something that will not be cloying after two bites. I knew when we were presented with a cannoli cream filling as an option, it would have more depth than a standard filling, and it did. And I was glad. Cuz when is wedding cake actually good? When we got home from the venue that night, we had another sliver of the cake and a little more champagne, then with due diligence (what kind of non-drunk bride was I?) I immediately flash-froze and wrapped up the thing in plastic, foil and a big zip-top bag. As any bride would think, preserving cake = preserving our relationship.

I don't have a new recipe for you yet... We've been eating the freezer : ) No--but in all seriousness, we've been enjoying some of the fruits (and veggies) of the little produce I managed to put on ice in the Fall. The corn kernels are gone, the raspberries too, the blueberries making their appearance in muffin form (see below) and the apple cider from the farm, in donuts (yes--freeze your cider in Fall!). 

Here's my top six suggestions I've been making around here over and over again for late February/early March...

Blueberry Muffins (I've recently been sprinkling almonds atop and swapping in some barley flour)
Baked Cider Donut Holes (recipe updated)
Coconut Flour Brownies (I cannot recommend these enough! )

My chicken soup is also on ShopRite's Blog this week!

Have a sweet one, friends. 

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