30 November 2015

Waiting for it

One of the things about this time of year that comes up more often than not, is the odd time of eating at holiday gatherings. Your main meal and time dedication to eating for the day is over often by 7 pm, the time that you'd normally eat dinner. Hence the need for an after-the-gathering snack.

Unless you're the type who hits the hay at 9 pm, and we are most definitely not, I suspect it's a commonality. Growing up in my family, it was cereal. Our cereal cabinet was stocked like Jerry Seinfeld's and was the learned go-to if such noshing was to occur.

I've begun taking this question of 'what's for snack' as an opportunity to make something I love but don't make nearly enough: popcorn!

I think about making popcorn sometimes, if we had an early dinner, then think it unnecessary. I usually want something sweet. A few pieces of dark chocolate will do. Then the gathering season comes around and the evening closes out a earlier than usual, and you've already had dessert. You are next most likely going to watch Television.

I remember the bag of kernels this time of year. It's as if I've been waiting for it.

Popcorn is just so good. Good quality popcorn that doesn't require a microwave or air popper, that's buttered to your own desire, not the movie theater's, and with a method that I will almost guarantee you leaves no kernels behind.

It's salty, maybe a little spicy, and it's not a second dessert. 

It's a snack.

Adapted from Food52

Notes: I want to stress that in my experience this works much better in a good stainless steel pot, with a handle than an albeit beloved, heavy enameled cast iron one. I find it much more foolproof in stainless.

Heaped Tbsp coconut oil
1/4 c popcorn kernels
1+ Tbsp butter, to taste
Generous pinch sea salt
Paprika, garlic powder, to taste, optional

In a stainless 3 quart pot with a lid set on medium high heat, melt oil, then add 3 kernels and cover. 
As soon as they pop, add the rest of the kernels, cover again, and move off the burner.
Count to 30.
Place pot back on the burner, shake pot back and forth constantly (I find using the handle of the saucepan helpful here) until you only hear about 3 seconds between pops and everything has popped. Turn off burner. 
Pour hot popped corn into a bowl at the ready. 
Place knob of butter into pot to melt, toss over popcorn, add salt and spices

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