11 September 2014

Tupperware party

Been a little longer than usual since I've last writ, but I like to think of this as a journal. I'll tell you the things that stand out. I've been cooking, of course, much of it done after 7 pm and enjoyed on tired feet and lit candles nearby for good measure. The nights go fast when you work and the time is precious. Then, I tuck some things into working glasses , and pull together lunch the next morning. I love a good dinner out in New York every now and then and a nice lunch date too, but one thing I don't find sustainable is buying takeout lunch. With daily kitchen production as it is, all it takes is a few extra steps, and faith that things keep, and you're on your way to a public Tupperware party in Madison Square Park.That is if you can brave the seat you stumble upon.

Moving on. It was just August, so I've been cooking a lot of corn and I'm really not ready to give it up. Check out my post on the ShopRite Blog for a quick way to enjoy corn so fresh you barely need to cook it (and a reminder to roast your cherry tomatoes). The cooked corn kernels keep a few days and I think are particularly great in lunch boxes stirred into whatever other protein and starch you have around, and sprinkled with feta. Corn + feta...yeah. And now it's September! Which makes everyone want to pack snacks...right? Even if school days are far gone. Work is like school in that it requires snacks. Alegria is a stable choice. So are brownies. And I recently made Sneh's turmeric and chia roast cashews. These cashews are very good. In the midday, in the evening, chopped into salads...you will go through them more quickly than you expected. That said, turmeric + chia via cashew? I'd call that an antioxidant trifecta. Add some wine on the side and that's a quad.  

In other news, as the weather is cooling a little, turning the oven to 400 degrees for scones and biscuits will soon be a necessity craved rather than a sacrifice. I've been willing to make the sacrifice over the past few weeks though with these very vanilla rustic drop scones via The Clever Carrot. I love them, as they are the perfect vehicle for jam, and my last few peaches became jam. Which goes very well with the crumbly, fluffy scones. I freeze the dough raw, and bake from frozen, which makes them magically appear the next morning with no bowls to wash. The recipe is from the NYC bakery Once Upon a Tart's cookbook, and probably the only time besides with when dealing with peanut butter, that the food processor is a must. You don't want big chunks of butter here, but for the mix to look very sandy and moist like Parmesan. I promise you the biscuits taste nothing like cheese. They taste like vanilla and are very good. I even sneak a few tablespoons of spelt flour into them. 

Have a great weekend guys.

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