21 May 2014

Broiler asparagus

Asparagus, I can't get enough. Each time at the market, I buy it. Even if I bought it the day before. Chances are it's gone. That's because I've been doing this. Sometimes twice a day. Sticking asparagus under the broiler for a quick char is nothing new, but here I tell you to halve it and do it in a skillet rather than dirtying up a sheet pan. Set the asparagus aside, then use the same skillet to make whatever else you're making. Like scrambled eggs.

I tend to get impatient standing at the saute pan, so I like the oven. Look, I've been an asparagus roaster (but that means waiting 15 minutes) and a blancher (prone to over or under-cook in a matter of seconds). I thought to do it this way one day when I left approximately 5 minutes to make my lunch, and haven't turned back since. There's no worrying about temperature here. After cooking, it's perfectly good at room temperature, or cold.

Which means, with Memorial Day around the corner, you can totally bring it to a picnic. Or a pool. Or a beach. Or your deck. Below with butter salmon a la Mr. Bittman, which I plan to post about as soon as I can get a photo taken before 7:45 pm. Asparagus for all. Get it  while it lasts : )

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