05 March 2014

While the iron is hot

I've been making it a point to move recipes from my To Make Pinterest board to the Have Made and Liked board. This is what we do in this century. There's a lot out there. Just because I added walnuts to something someone else came up with, it doesn't need it's own photo spread on here. But then again, would you look at that photo? I'm starting to think just-baked waffles are the baby pix of food photography; always glowing and inherently appealing.

So today instead of a recipe I'll tell you what I've been making. Two days In a row, waffles. Above, Buckwheat Waffles from London Bakes. I loved these because it's just buckwheat flour and a tiny bit of cornstarch to keep them gluten free, with ample buttermilk for moisture. She hints them with vanilla and doesn't bother to whip any egg whites into the mix. They were easy to mix up on a Sunday. I halved her recipe and got two nice sized waffles, and we topped with plenty of maple syrup, and toasted walnuts. The next day, the grain-free Almond Banana Waffles from Roost, which I've already told you about, made another appearance. 

As far as savory goes, here's a dressing to keep around. Again from food52. This miso dressing is the kind of thing that will serve as a shortcut for your dinner side salad or lunchtime main for a few days. The ingredients aren't too complex; even a pantry-rationer like me had all Asian condiments at my fingertips simultaneously. I loved it on lettuces with avocado, or tossed with cold soba noodle and blanched asparagus, or both of these things in the same bowl.

Have a great week, all. I will be back in a few days with a delicious gluten-free cookie so stay tuned.

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