25 March 2014

Grain Free Triple Chocolate Muffins

Attention chocolate lovers who may or may not enjoy gluten and grain-free fare once in a while or all the time: there's a muffin you need to know about and I'm here to re-emphasize this. Though I didn't come up with it myself, they are Sara from Vanilla Bean's creation, I made one or two tiny additions, and I want to broadcast that we love these muffins. The verdict is, yes you can have a chocolate muffin for breakfast or a snack and not have it be a sugar bomb. You will be choco-satisfied and also feel the wholesomeness and antioxidant cacao power (if there is such a thing) all in the package of a portable muffin. Plus there's a bit of coffee in there so they are totally breakfast fair game.

The recipe for the Triple chocolate espresso almond muffins can be found at Sara's blog linked above.  You've got your usual suspects of almond flour and honey for that wholesomeness, but she goes and kicks it up a notch by adding some cocoa powder, takes out an egg and adds a bit of strong cold coffee and baking powder and sprinkles the tops with cocoa nibs and raw sugar. Oh are they good. And excellent the next day toasted for a minute with a little honey on top.

I just made a few changes to her game plan: I greased rather than lined my pan, and I made them a bit bigger and got exactly 6 instead of 9, (and that wasn't a bad thing), thus my bake time was around 20-23 mins, two, I mixed all the dry together (baking soda and powder with flour) instead of separating them as I didn't find it necessary last time I made these (yes this is the 2nd time) three, for the chopped chocolate part, I used about a third of a Chocolove salted almond dark bar because that is what I had around, and loved the little almond shards in contrast with the almond flour. And four, I went ahead and added a teaspoon of natural cane sugar to the batter in addition to the honey. 

That's all for today folks. Xoxo MN

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