16 February 2014

A scape of time

East coasters: more glorious snow. Aren't you tired of going to the supermarket in stock up mode...? I live, in urbanity, across the street from one, but that presents a new set of issues when I march over to it, plan-less and ingredient-sparse, looking for supplements...like fearing, will it be closed for some crazy reason? It hasn't been. We've had work, too. So in lieu of a post this week, I thought I would share a few noteworthy things I've been making. 

First off, reading this. Bedtime (or weekend) delight of powerful memoir prose. 

Above pic: scones, again and again.... Same base recipe  as of late but went for a full half  split spelt and all-purpose, and some chopped up coconut-dark chocolate bar as the add in. 

Below: Rye blueberry coffee cake muffins. Kim Boyce via Oregon Live. I haven't seen this recipe around out there at all, except on that website and the photo isn't great. And it isn't in her book. But I mean, blueberry, rye, brown butter, brown sugar-almond topped? We reallly liked them. 

Oatmeal cookies. This way...nutless...with coconut shreds.

And, this way. I nixed the traditional frosting route and snuck in a few chopped almonds, but smeared some honey stirred with cinnamon and mascarpone between a few for the sandwich effect option. These are a nice, soft batch, from the quick cooking oats. Whoa, it's been awhile since I've had a sandwich cookie. I can see why they are all over right now. I'm not sure what I was missing with the frosting, but I quite liked the mascarpone and honey.

Paleo chef salad to balance out, albeit whole grain, sweets...

New York Times whole grain and nut thumbprint cookies via Chad Robertson. This buckwheat almond combination, which no one reports to try that I have seen, works nicely too.

This pumpkin bread. A winner. Though there is a brown butter pumpkin loaf on here and a whole wheat olive oil one too, this one is pretty impressive. Tall, soft and spicy, I love the recipe from Sweet Amandine. You make it in the mixer with creamed butter. With good leavening, and more eggs and flour than most recipes, it gets better rise than a lot of breads out there. As with loaves, the flavors deepen as it sits a day or two, making it my favorite evening baking choice for the next day. Home made kabocha purée and a little rye flour notch it up a level nutritionally, too. 

I heart you...

Flowers are a girl's best friend : )  Until soon. Xoxo

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