06 January 2014

spiced gingerbread loaves for shoprite blog

Happy January, all. I hope everything has gotten off to a good start for you. I wanted to chime in today with a really good gingerbread recipe I contributed to Shoprite's January baking Potluck blog. I originally was inspired by a recipe at Chow.com and played with a few things regarding spice, throwing in both fresh and ground ginger, and size, I have tried in small loaves and a big loaf. Certainly more rustic-looking than pretty, they bake up into moist, tender loaves with a slightly sticky top crust. If you can get over the looks of them, particularly if you bake in a single large loaf pan, (gingerbread often notoriously doesn't dome much like a banana bread) you'll be rewarded with something really special. 

Check it out here!

Note: if you opt for a large loaf bake time will most likely be an hour or so, use a cake tester. Try not to open the oven before the 45 min check time though to ensure for a little doming! Little loaves will be more like 40-45.


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