20 December 2013

Lazy roast carrot soup

We'll, it is December and I may have just ignited a soup kick. You know, when it has decided to warm up out. But you see, I have figured that soup does often in fact surface in kicks. I rarely make soup. In my mind it is not what I immediately want most of the time: a puréed bowl of something. I like to scatter and arrange, to toss and pour. To elongate and experience the different textures of dishes. But this soup, it's simple and restrained but deep.

What I also like about this soup is that it is relatively free form and foolproof. No real heavy measuring, no watching of a pan or pot, cutting into beans, spending hours nearby, and yet, certainly more sophisticated than puréeing stovetop cooked carrots. It is a quiet roast of a big chopped carrot in the oven, then a quick hot bath with some broth and sautéed onion, garlic, and a nice pinch of spices punches flavor into the soup an it is finished with a squeeze of lemon and whizzed to smooth.

In fact I roasted the carrot, poured the broth, chopped the onion, garlic and pinched some spices aside, went out and left it all on the counter for a bit, then came back and just gave it that cook and purée. If you opt to go into garnish land, this soup is often done with a dollop of tahini, a smear of yogurt and roasted chickpeas. I opted for the yogurt smear and a smatter of tasted pepitas. 

Do not skip the lemon juice! It adds the perfect punch.  This is a recipe you can and should, memorize. Therefore I have written it loosely. More of a technique. It is vegan, too, if you skip the yogurt top but I love that part. Happy souping!

Roast Carrot Soup Recipe

Lightly inspired by Katie at the Kitchen Door

Serves 2 or 3

1/2 lb carrot or 1 large, sliced into knobs
Sea salt and pepper
2 Tbs olive oil divided
1/8ish tsp each: cumin, cayenne, turmeric, see salt and black pepper
Juice of 1/4 of a lemon
1.5 Cups vegetable broth

For topping: teaspoons thick plain yogurt, toasted pepitas

First toss the carrots in salt, pepper and a splash oil, set on a foil or parchment lined sheet and roast the carrots in a 425 oven, til tender about 25 mins. A minute or two before they are done, heat the rest of the oil and sautéed the garlic and onion on medium in a deepish skillet or saucepan a few minutes, until fragrant. Add the spices and mix well. Add the carrots and broth and bring to a boil, then let simmer about 8 minutes. Remove from heat, and purée in a food processor until smooth. Add the lemon juice, give it a final whiz or warm if needed, and serve, add a few pinches of salt if needed, divvy into bowls, smear a teaspoon yogurt and toasted pepitas. Enjoy!

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