26 November 2013


I tend to get kinda anxious this time of year for no solid reason. I'm not hosting a Thanksgiving gathering, and I'm still at the weird age in my family where as the next of kin of the organizers, it always feels a little extra to bring along dishes and figure out how to make them out of my own kitchen. But I never feel right showing up empty handed. So in a nutshell, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to share at this year's festivities.

But beyond the holiday--are you feeling this weird rush at all? That panic that so much is happening so fast, you've got to buy this and make that, now, see this person, make all this dough in advance, and while you're at it why not make a bit more...! Etc. Oh and the Internet is constantly reminding you of all this. Sales, here and there...way too many brilliant Pinners to follow, and all of the sudden it's 7 pm and you've got to make dinner for that day and it is Cold out.

I find that the people I admire most are able to make decisions firmly and not hem and haw or get other people involved too much in their decisions. "Decide what you are doing."

Ah if only it were so easy. But if I have one aim for the next month or two, it's to just decide things, and sit back and go through with them. If a decision doesn't work out, you can make another decision (thanks, Louise Hay :) )

A good decision though?  Making these little pumpkin streusal loaves from Honestly Yum.  I was piqued by the pic on Pinterest and promptly got to it. I used homemade butternut puree and half-spelt in the batter and loved them. Next time's alteration: do not halve the streusal nor the recipe.


They both disappear pretty quickly...

And in other news, I am happy to be contributing to Shop Rite's Potluck blog about once a month. This month's topic was a Thanksgiving Side. With all the orange and yellow bound to be on the table I opted to throw in a trusty roasted cauliflower dish with parsley-arugula pesto. Head on over there to check out the recipe, as well as all the other sides bloggers are bringing to the table!

And in Salvegging spirit, I find it worth mentioning that the leftover cauliflower and pesto is well enjoyed beneath a fried egg with some kale tucked in. Have a great holiday : ) xo MN

Lead Photo: Palisades, on the Hudson

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