08 August 2013

Linkage + Minimalist Dulce De Leche

Oh, hello. Can you believe it's August already?  There's been a lot on the table lately (see above), namely ripe cantaloupe I prefer to scoop with a cookie scoop. I'm just finishing up the Pollan book and after being fascinated by the fermenting chapter, I took a stab at some saurkraut on Saturday. I'm looking at it right now. It's a few days old, resting, slightly hidden on the floor in the corner as I continually try and find the coolest place for it in the apartment. Supposedly... it's alive! I am anxious to try it at the end of the week. A few things to link to today, and then I'm going to share my new favorite way to use up two cups of milk.

This list should be handy for travelers!
This of course. For the ladies. Well, and the guys too.
I made Heidi's Gin-Marinated Olives (below) last night and LOVED them. What a nice use for the Junipero Gin in our apartment which, with the exception of me making pomegranate gin sparklers on New Years Eve doesn't really get much swigging on a regular basis : ) The Castelvetrano olives combined with the lemon peel, gin and garlic are heavenly when warm. At the end of the short trip to the oven, you toss in cubed feta which softens delectably when nestled in with the warm olive mixture. A super summer side that should be on everyone's list.

The other day I realized I had to use up milk. There was at least 2 or maybe three cups in the bottle and in just a few days I knew it would turn. I thought of what to do. Bechamel? Too hot and heavy right now. Caramel? I don't know where to start and probably need cream not milk, and I don't stock corn syrup. But luckliy, thanks to Tartelette I have discovered the wonders of milk jam, a dulce de leche relative that is just a bit simpler to make. All you need is milk, sugar, a pinch baking soda, vanilla and salt if you wish, a heavy pot and, well, a little time some afternoon to stir and walk away from and then back toward, the pot. What you get at the end is a spreadable caramely jam. It keeps for several days in the fridge and takes well to being spread on a brownie.

Kitchen Alchemy. Directions for Milk Jam can be found on Tartelette's blog. See you soon with a new recipe using the jam unless these summer tomatoes possess me first! xo MN

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