29 April 2013

Monday Mashup 4-29 + Eggs When You Can't Even Deal.

Oh, hi. It's Monday and lightly rainy... I'm going to start this post with an update, then continue with the Monday Mash-up, then advertise why eggs are the best thing to make ever when you can't even deal.

At the moment, the apartment smells like parsley. I'm simmering some parsley stems and leaves that weren't bright enough to be sprinkled on salads but were not by any means toss-worthy, with water on the stove. It's a diffusion that when strained, will make a lovely broth...for something. And right now, I'm convincing myself that the scent is in some way medicinal.

So, here's what I've got on the boards this week:

The article in the lead photo. Still working through it.
It's definitely time for a new cookbook. And this one I plan to read like a novel.
Also saw this one in a vintage store by me and may find it pretty hard to resist.
But not to mention the fact that I am long overdue on getting this.
Well, this makes me a little less intimidated to advance the flower situation around here : )
Remember these kamut shortbreads? Decided they were in order today.
Dissecting art and feminism, as always.
The former West Village store's sister  here in Jersey City where we bought that console off the floor.

eggs when you can't even deal.

I'd venture to say that many of the most satisfying meals I've had both flavor-wise and socially have revolved around eggs, and occurred at all hours of the day and not involved too much effort. There are however, times when effort is surely rewarded, but there is something about eggs that scream doable: like after getting home at 8 pm even with a bag of grocery and deciding I can't even deal right now. Or wait, for that matter, for veggies to roast. So I just crack an egg or two and break out everything else I have that could go with it.


Whether shared or alone, breakfast, lunch or dinner, the egg is ever versatile and matchable, quick to cook and pretty to look at.When making them for dinner when I can't even deal, I love to make a bigger frittata and put out everything else that can be noshed along with it: spiced nuts, oilves, bread, green salad, avocado slices, etc. I also like to serve it right out of the pan like pizza after it cools for a few minutes.

Margarita Frittata (sans tomato) for one/two

Butter/oil for the pan
2 eggs (or more if you'd like more than a personal pie)
sea salt
Splash of cream or milk
4 thin slices fresh mozzarella
Basil leaves and/or other herbs

Heat small frying pan on medium, and melt a spoonful butter or oil. Whisk eggs, milk, salt, pour into pan. As it starts to set around the edges, add cheese and a bit of basil.

Preheat broiler and stick the pan in there for a minute or two until the cheese melts, the eggs are set on top. Drizzle with a dash more oil if desired and sprinkle w/ more basil and coarse salt.

To serve: lightly dressed greens, with or without bread tucked at the sides or atop

Eggs + Caramelized Onion + Avocado Toast for one

Slice(s) whole grain bread
1/2 - 1 egg
Few Drops milk or cream 
Handful crumbled cheddar
Few Spoonfuls caramelized onions
4 slices avocado

Heat small frying pan on medium, and melt a spoonful butter or oil. Whisk eggs, milk, salt, pour into pan. Swoosh around a bit with a spatula and turn the heat low so they scramble slowly. Once all liquid has been evaporated and you are left with soft heaps add cheese and a bit of herbs and stir a bit. Turn heat off.

Toast bread until desired darkness. Spread with onion, top w/ avocado and dollop on egg mix and more coarse salt or herbs if desired.

To serve: lightly dressed greens

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