22 April 2013

Introducing Monday Mashup

Hi all. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I found it a bit too cold to get the proper dose of outside bliss I've been craving, but time off is time off, right? On Saturday afternoon Ed and I skipped the PATH train from Jersey City to Greenwich Village where I "lived" (sigh) in my college years and took a long wandering stroll that led to spending the evening in Nolita.

It was a cup of my favorite Joe (which I still think does one of the best milk to espresso ratios for cappuccinos in the city), a cut-through the park and then after some browsing through the ever-colorful Pearl River for knick-knacks (and would you believe I passed on these?) I instead opted for another simple tumbler and wide glass bowl from Muji. I just love the clean shape on their products and not to mention affordability and that lovely aroma diffuser when you walk in. Note, anyone with a small space looking for a "dust bin" might like this slim to the wall one--I sure do. And it's always hard to pass on a new pocket-size task notebook.

After discovering that a former favorite haunt, Rice is now closed due to apparent lawsuits regarding labor- yikes and boo!), we managed be suitable enough among Nolitan fabuli to have a seat at Jack's Wife Frida. Pan fried Haloumi was tasty and meaty and Moules in Bloody Mary broth were a solid, interesting concept. Next time trying the Greek salad with the great big feta hunk. The burger was nice, too, according to the hunk across the table from me.

And now for the official Monday Mashup!  It will work pretty simply: every Monday I'll gather up a list of things I think are worth sharing, dreaming on or checking out, sometimes from the blogosphere, sometimes  from my own stumbling. Cuz that's how you learn about stuff...pass it down : )

Just finished Season One of Boardwalk. About 4 years late but so worth the concentrated attention.

A little night reading

This one is up next, just arrived in the mail.

Finally streamlining my zesting.

Some Pollan on Pollan via Platt food-geek reading

Love Heidi's always-inspiring latest shop-find. Clearly it went quick.

I have my eye on making this beauty for the near future

And that's it for now. See you soon with a new recipe! xo MN

Lead photo taken at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ

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